In the year 2001 the internet was a different place. It was more anonymous, less commercial, and much smaller. During this time kids weren’t just joining social networking sites or posting their thoughts in 140 characters or less. This wasn’t even an option at the time. Instead these kids were making their own websites!

This site was came together through a group of kids looking to express themselves through these means. However, it started with one kid as a single page on various random topics. It quickly become apparent that the content was not substantial and a focus was needed.

A topic of interest was chosen and that topic was EarthBound! A website was made and name was hastily chosen. Things started moving much faster than it felt. The name quickly changed into an acronym, the website design progressively improved, and content was growing rapidly. Eventually it became a semi-reputable place for information on EarthBound.

This same exact story was happening elsewhere on the internet. There were other kids out there running websites on the very same topic. Eventually some of those kids joined forces to make EBIPM bigger and stronger.

Things continued smoothly for quite a few years before it came to a stop. The transition for these kids to real adults came with obstacles. The funding and time needed was something that could not allow the site to exist in its true form for a while. However, the domain name was preserved in hopes that it would live again someday.

Over the years there were several attempts to revive EBIPM, but it just wasn’t time. Progress was slow and done in secret. Finally, the time has come to make a comeback. The internet is quite a different place and hopeful this place can still be relevant.

These are the people keeping the site going right now!


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