This section applies to your interactions with the site as a whole. Please take these into consideration in all of your actions on EBIPM.

  • Keep your content “family friendly”.
  • No posting of illegal content. That includes distribution of licensed video games among other illegal activity.
  • Respect everyone. No hate of any kind will be tolerated in comments, submissions, etc.

Forums and Commenting

  • Avoid double-posting. Note that you can edit your post or comment.
  • All topics should promote a discussion in some way.
  • All posts and comments should contain substance and a purpose. For example, topic bumping is not allow.
  • No soliciting or advertising of other websites. If you would like to advertise a personal website, please use your signature to do that or refer to our links section.
  • No introduction threads. There is a dedicated topic for this purpose, but the best way to become part of the community is to start posting and contributing instead!

Content Submissions

  • Please only submit your own work or suggestions to work we might want to post with reference to who made it, so we can get in contact with that person.

Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time as we see necessary. We will try to post alerts when this happens. However, checking back regularly to ensure you are up to date would be the best way to go!