Happy Belated BirthBound Day!

Mother 2 Title Screen Altered to Celebrate 25 Years

Did you know yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the day Mother 2 was released in Japan? Well we almost didn't either. Thanks to our old friend, Chrispy, this was brought to our attention via the forums.

That's a lot of years of EarthBound. Unfortunately, we don't have too much right now to celebrate this fact. You could read the EarthBound writeup we put together for the relaunch of the site or maybe share some of your favorite EarthBound-related memories with us!

Hopefully we can be more prepared for the 50th anniversary.

Whoopty whoop! To honor the occasion I've been playing Miitopia on 3DS and have Lucas, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo all as various party members =)

And after that, I'll be giving EarthBound a run through on the 3DS Virtual Console =D

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