With Jeff in the group, it is possible he will repair broken items from the inventory when the group rests somewhere such as hotels among other places in the game that allow this.

In order for an item to be fixed, Jeff's IQ must be greater than or equal to the amount listed. However, it should be noted that this does not necessarily guarantee Jeff will fix the item and could require more than one rest before he actually does it.

Broken ItemFixed ItemIQ Needed
Broken MachineCounter PSI Unit1
Broken SprayDefense Spray1
Broken IronSlime Generator10
Broken Air GunMagnum Air Gun12
Broken LaserLaser Beam24
Broken Water PipeShield Killer30
Broken CannonSpectrum Beam32
Broken GadgetDouble Beam34
Broken TubeHungry HP Sucker36
Broken TrumpetDefense Shower40
Broken BazookaHeavy Bazooka45
Broken HarmonicaBaddest Beam55
Broken AntennaGaia Beam65