NamePriceCommentsLocation ATM Card - Needed to use ATM Machines Ness (Default) Backstage Pass - Used to enter Chaos Theater Twoson (Person) Bad Key Machine - Opens locked doors Snow Wood (Person) Bag of Dragonite ~$500 Damage to all enemies Various Locations (Shop) Bazooka ~$475 Only usable by Jeff
Unlimited uses
Damage to target and nearby enemies Scaraba (Shop) Bicycle - Allows faster movement when used
Only usable when Ness is alone Twoson (Person) Big Bottle Rocket $139 Only usable by Jeff
Damage to one enemy
Stronger than Bottle Rocket Fourside (Shop)
Scaraba (Shop) Bomb $149 Damage to target and nearby enemies Various Locations (Box)
Threed (Shop)
Dusty Dunes (Shop)
Fourside (Shop)
Scaraba (Shop) Bottle Rocket $29 Only usable by Jeff
Damage to one enemy Threed (Shop)
Dusty Dunes (Shop)
Fourside (Shop)
Scaraba (Shop) Brain Stone - Keeps you from being "held" in battle Dalaam (Box) Carrot Key - Needed to enter Pink Cloud Cave Magnet Hill (Box) Chick ~$12 Hatches from Fresh Egg - Chicken ~$110 Changes into this from a Chick
Do not use it or it will escape
Sell it for profit - Contact Lens - Return to its owner for Pair of Dirty Socks Dusty Dunes (Check) Counter-PSI Unit - Only usable by Jeff
Can counter some enemies' PSI attacks ? Defense Shower - Only usable by Jeff
Increases everyone's defense Stonehenge (Box) Defense Spray $500 Increases defense of one person Twoson (Shop)
Fourside (Shop)
Scaraba (Shop) Diamond - Pays off debt at Topolla Theater Fourside Bridge (Person) Eraser-Eraser - Erases Iron Eraser statues Winters (Person) Exit Mouse - Takes you to the exit in mazes and caves
Can only hold one at a time Onett (Person)
Dusty Dunes (Person)
Stonehenge (Person) For Sale Sign $98 Attracts people to buy something from your inventory Twoson (Shop) Franklin Badge - Deflects Thunder attacks from the holder
Effective in and out of battle Peaceful Rest (Person) Handbag Strap ~$19 Freezes an enemy in battle Moonside (Box) Hawk Eye - Lights up dark areas in Deep Darkness Scaraba Pyramid (Check) Heavy Bazooka - Only usable by Jeff
Stronger version of Bazooka Fourside Sewers (Box) Hieroglyph Copy - Explains how to enter the Pyramid Summers Museum (Person) HP-Sucker ~$400 Only usable by Jeff
Reduces an enemy's HP adds it to Jeff's HP Belch's Base (Box) Hungry HP-Sucker - Only usable by Jeff
Reduces all enemies' HP and adds it to Jeff's HP ? Insecticide Spray $19 Does damage to insect enemies Threed (Shop)
Saturn Valley (Shop)
Fourside (Shop) Insignificant Item ~$1 Return to a man in Twoson Hospital
in return for a Magic Truffle Threed Hopital (Check) Jar of Fly Honey - Distracts Belch from attacking Threed (Box) Key to the Cabin - Needed to open the Peaceful Rest jail Happy Happy (Person) Key to the Locker - Doesn't work Snow Wood (Person) Key to the Shack - Needed to enter Giant Step Onett City Hall (Person) Key to the Tower - Needed to enter Dungeon Man Scaraba (Person) King Banana - Needed to enter a room in Monkey Cave Monkey Cave (Person) Meteorite Piece - Needed to complete the Phase Distorter Onett (Check) Meteornium ~$1000 Can be sold for a lot of money Various (Enemy) Meteorite ~$2000 Can be sold for a lot of money Various (Enemy) Monkey's Love - Freezes an enemy Deep Darkess (Person) Multi Bottle Rocket $2139 Only usable by Jeff
Damage to one enemy
Stronger than Big Bottle Rocket Scaraba (Shop)
Deep Darkness (Shop) Mummy Wrap ~$64 Freezes an enemy ? Neutralizer - Only usable by Jeff
Resets all stat changes caused by PSI
Removes all shields
Applies to all friends and enemies Monkey Cave (Box) Pair of Dirty Socks ~$1 Freezes an enemy Fourside Bakery (Person) Pak of Bubble Gum $1 Give to the Bubble Monkey Winters (Shop) Pencil-Eraser - Erases iron pencil statues Twoson (Person) Pharaoh's Curse ~$195 Poisons an enemy Scaraba Pyramid (Box) Picture Postcard $2 - Happy Happy (Shop) Saturn Valley (Shop) Piggy Nose $300 Use to detect Magic Truffles Scaraba (Shop) Protractor $2 Measures angles Fourside (Shop) Reciever Phone - Receive calls anywhere Twoson (Person) Ruler $2 Sizes things up Twoson (Shop) Rust Promoter $89 Effects robotic enemies Twoson (Shop)
Dusty Dunes (Shop)
Fourside (Shop) Rust Promoter DX $289 Effects robotic enemies
Stonger version of Rust Promoter Deep Darkness (Shop) Shield Killer - Only usable by Jeff
Destroys an enemy's shield Monkey Cave (Box) Show Ticket $30 Needed to enter Topolla Theater Topolla Theater (Shop) Shyness Book - Cures Tenda Village shyness Onett Library (Check) Signed Banana - Needed to enter Fourside Sewers Fourside (Person) Slime Generator ~$210 Only usable by Jeff
Can freeze an enemy Twoson (Shop)
Fourside (Shop) Snake $220 Poisons an enemy Scaraba (Shop) Snake Bag $290 Poisons an enemy
Can be used more than once Scaraba (Shop) Sound Stone - Records the melodies of "Your Santuary" locations Onett (Person) Stag Beetle $8 Freezes an enemy Saturn Valley (Shop) Sudden Guts Pills $500 Increases Guts during a battle
Guts revert after battle Scaraba (Shop)
Various Locations (Box) Super Bomb $399 Stronger version of Bomb Fourside (Shop)
Scaraba (Shop)
Deep Darkness (Shop) Super Plush Bear $1198 Takes damage of attacks
Withstands more damage than Teddy Bear Summers (Shop) Suporma ~$25 Plays a song about the Orange Kid before breaking Twoson (Person) Teddy Bear $178 Takes damage of attacks
Destroyed after taking too much damage Twoson (Shop)
Fourside (Shop)
Various Locations (Box) Tendakraut - Allows entry to Lost Underworld village Tenda Village (Person) Tiny Ruby - Allows entry to 2F room at Summers Museum Poo (Default) Toothbrush $3 Freezes an enemy Threed (Shop)
Fourside (Shop) Town Map - Displays map of current town (if available) Onett (Person) Viper $550 Poisons an enemy Scaraba (Shop) Wad of Bills - Pays off debt at Chaos Theater Twoson (Person) Xterminator Spray $630 Kills all insect-type creatures Mad Taxi (Enemy) Yogurt Dispenser - Used to get to 48F of Monotoli Building Monkey Cave (Person) Zombie Paper - Catches zombies when placed Threed (Person)

Things to Note!

Any price listed with a ~ in front of it refers to the selling price. This means the item cannot be purchased anywhere in the game, but can be sold.

(Default) identifies that an item will be in a players inventory when they become playable.

(Check) identifies that an item can be found by checking somewhere in the noted location.

(Enemy) identifies the item can be dropped by an enemy when winning a battle.

(Shop) identifies areas where the item can be bought.

(Box) identifies areas where the item can be found in a present, box, trash can, etc.