All of these items recover HP and/or PP.

For most of these, there is very little benefit when eaten by Poo and it should be noted that all of these have a different effect on him. Please refer to the separate columns specifically for how it affects him vs. others.

Name Price HP PP HP PP Comments
Bag of Fries$824060N/A
Banana$525060Sold in Burglin Park
Bean Croquette$1242060Sold only in Scaraba
Beef Jerky$70150060Sold in Winters and Scaraba
Boiled Egg$942060N/A
Bottle of DXwater$19801040Great for recovering Poo's PP
Bottle of Water$401010Good for recovering Poo's PP
Bowl of Rice Gruel$88216060Sold only in Dalaam
Brain Food Lunch$80030050FullFullIncreases PP and HP
Bread Roll$1230060N/A
Calorie Stick$1860060N/A
Can of Fruit Juice$46060N/A
Chef's Special$298216060Sold only in Summers
Croissant$1860060Good to have in Happy Happy Village
Cup of Coffee$612060N/A
Cup of Noodles$9842060Expensive and not effective
Double Burger$2496060N/A
Fresh Egg$1284060After a while it will turn into a Chicken
Gelato de Resort$4930060Sold only in Summers
Hamburger$1448060Great to have in Onett
Kabob$54126060Sold only in Scaraba
Kraken Soup$648Full060Effects everyone
Large Pizza$238240060Effects everyone
Lucky Sandwich$128????Recovers HP and PP in random amounts
Luxury Jerky$210300060Sold only in the Lost Underworld
Magic Pudding$680040040Sold only in Magicant
Magic Tart$480020020Sold only in Summers
Magic TruffleN/A080080Found in Deep Darkness
Mammoth Burger$98204060Sold in the Lost Underworld
Molokheiya Soup$2084060Sold only in Scaraba
Pasta di Summers$128108060Sold only in the Summers Restaurant
Peanut Cheese Bar$22108060Cheap and effective
Picnic Lunch$2484060N/A
Piggy Jelly$222300060Sold only in Saturn Valley
Plain RollN/A24060Trade in Tenda Village
Plain YogurtN/A168060Trade in Tenda Village
Popsicle$718060Sold only in Dusty Dunes Desert
Protien Drink$3884060N/A
PSI CaramelN/A020020N/A
Royal Iced Tea$7860060Sold only in Summers
Skip Sandwich$386060Walk fast for about 10 seconds
Skip Sandwich DX$986060Walk fast for about 20 seconds
Spicy Jerky$140252060Trade in Tenda Village
Trout YogurtN/A30060Get it from Monotoli's maid