These are a special category of inexpensive food items available throughout the game. When eaten on their own, they provide very little benefit. However, with these in the inventory, they might be automatically applied and used when another food item is eaten. This guide identifies the food items pair well with each condiment.

Name Price Use With
Carton of Cream $4 Trout Yogurt
Lucky Sandwich
Jar of Delisauce $300 Anything!
Jar of Hot Sauce $3 Pasta di Summers
Cup of Noodles
Ketchup Packet $2 Bag of Fries
Fresh Egg
Magic Truffle
Double Burger
Bean Croquette
Beef Jerky
Mammoth Burger
Spicy Jerky
Luxury Jerky
Salt Packet $2 Boiled Egg
Picnic Lunch
Chef's Special
Brain Food Lunch
Sprig of Parsley $2 Rice Gruel
Peanut Cheese Bar
Piggy Jelly
Sugar Packet $3 PSI Caramel
Rock Candy
Magic Pudding
Bread Roll
Calorie Stick
Plain Yogurt
Tin of Cocoa $4 Cookie
Gelato de Resort
Skip Sandwich
Skip Sandwich DX
Plain Roll