There aren't too many EarthBound sites still around, but there are still a few really good ones. These are a bunch of sites we recommend checking out!

English Fan Sites

EarthBound Central
Tomato, one of the co-founders of Starmen.Net, branched off with this blog that covers lots of interesting news and finding in the Mother series that you probably never knew. This is definitely one of the most interesting EarthBound sites still around!

The Mother 3 Fan Translation
Are you looking to play Mother 3, but you don't understand Japanese? A team of EarthBound fans came together and translated Mother 3. The translation patch can be downloaded here.

Here you will find the biggest and longest running EarthBound fan community. Over the years they have done many amazing things and have so much content that will keep you entertained for a long time to come.

Japanese Fan Sites

Mother Festival
Mother Party

Official Sites

EarthBound for Wii U
Mother 1+2 (Japan)
Shigesato Itoi's Website

Hosted Sites

Eagleland News Central
This was an interactive site where contributors wrote fictional newspaper articles from the perspective of characters in the EarthBound world. It's no longer active, but still entertaining!

Dead Fan Sites

We have been linking to some of these sites since the earliest days of our existence. These sites may be dead, but still have lots of good content despite possibly having outdated designs or a lot of ads.

Allotta Earthbound Junk
directmac8's EB Page
/Earthbound Videos
Earthbound Oblivion
My Earthbound
Ulan Shad's EarthBound Maps

Do you have a site or know a site that we should include? You should let us know!