Looking back, there are many things I never quite appreciated about this game as a kid, a certain eloquence that touches only the mature soul conditioned to receive it.

Ness's mother always took care of him unconditionally. As a kid, my mother always showed the same compassion, but you never really appreciate this until you reach adulthood. Looking Ness's mother now, I can appreciate her willingness and desire to nurture and protect.

The army supply man that showed up in random places. Obviously he took time to be in the danger with you in a place that was uncomfortable. Such a display of loyalty you can see in certain friends in your real life, willing to do the uncomfortable for your benefit. (E.g picking you up when your car runs outta gas, staying with you in the hospital until 3am because you had an allergic reaction, etc)

The unassuming local guy was quite assuming once Giy
gas affected him. We see this in real life, normal dudes who are affected by bad upbringings/influences and get involved in gangs, groups of people who influence their thinking and cause destruction.

Never would I have calculated the implications of these examples as a kid to something I could one day relate to, but here we are.

I can relate in a bunch of completely different ways. There was so much that went over my head that definitely seems a lot more touching now. The part where Everdred "leaves", where you finally meet Monotoli, and the relationship between Dr. Andonuts and Jeff are a few that come to mind.

Absolutely. The dad situation with Jeff hits home, honestly. Kinda like that Fresh Prince episode were Will's dad shows up after a while and then leaves. Not really a part of his life. Dr. Andonuts is definitely neglectful, but at least he is helpful.

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