At first I wanted to get some conversation going with a cliche "Favorite area/song/PSI/etc." thread, but instead I figured we could look back on some nostalgia, so I'll start with that:

Is there anyone else who listened to the Mother OST and was blown away by the idea of such a seemingly obscure JRPG getting a full vocal soundtrack? I was 10 or 11 when I first heard it, and the concept seriously blew my mind. A few tracks didn't sound too great (the tracks with the boy soprano come to mind), but to this day Wisdom of the World is one of my favorite vocal themes from any video game. What really shook me was learning that Catherine Warwick was only 14 when she recorded the album, since when I first listened to it I immediately imagined a grown woman singing the songs.

What tracks did you like from the OST? What was your reaction to it?

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System don't @ me

It's an interesting concept. I can't think of any other game that have had something like this. I have to admit that I have never listened to it in full and only listened to a few songs back when the only option was downloading and it took hours to days for one song. I remember Paradise Line sticking out. That cheesy 80s pop-rock sound is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine!

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