So back in summer of 2015 I signed up for a Reddit gift exchange that was Nintendo themed. The gift exchanged started with just with the secret santa exchange around Christmas every year but it grew over the years to be the massive entity it is today.

Anyhow for this particular Nintendo themed exchanged I got matched with a very awesome kid. He was 16 years old and mentioned that his favorite game was Earthbound (among others). he also said Ness was one of his most favorite characters of all time.

All I could do was smile and think, wow, isn't this pretty much me at that same age? I decided I wanted to do something nice and tried my best to make a cool Earthbound package. Here are some pictures of what I sent him:





Here was his reaction:


You'll note in his reaction he commented on a letter I included. I tried my best to write him a letter from the heart, how I once upon a time I was just like him, a fan of Earthbound, and how I used to even participate with a really cool fan site back in those days... :)

That's an amazing gift and an awesome story. In my lurking around the community and internet over the past few years, it's really surprising to see how there are so many kids discovering and falling in love with this in the same way we did. Even 10 years ago, it didn't seem like the North American fanbase was nearly as big at is now.

I really like your artwork too! What are those cutouts in the last two pictures of the stuff you sent?

@skatepunkmike They're hand drawn and hand cut on normal paper. I will confess and come clean now though- I didn't do the art sadly, haha, I am a terrible artist. A friend helped me out with that part and they did a great job.

Absolutely awesome. I always wanted to be a part of a gift exchange like this, but I never thought I could make something that awesome.

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