Seeing how it's been so long I know we've all grown, some of us have started families, maybe gotten pets over the years. I wanted to start a thread to share.

His name is Peanut! He'll be approaching two years old (estimated) and is a good lil' boy (most of the time).


Yes! Very nice! I am so happy this site has been up for only this long before we already have cat photos.

I've just accumulated a lot of plants and a wife. Wife, plants, and I would like to have a cat someday. I just need to get over my allergies and figure out how to deal with our constant travelling.

There is a way to post images. I need to add that to the formatting list. In the meantime, refer to this.

Mike, for some reason I think I remember you having allergies back in 05 as well

That's me! Forever a nerd.

Dogs are the best. Someday I will share photos of my puppy frog.

What's the formatting to insert photos?

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