Let's get this going again. Whether you have been gone from the site due to the site not existing or you are just completely new, tell us who you are!

Hey it's me Leeman! I work here too! I've been Mike's right hand man since we were still adolescent skate punks! I'm all grown up with a house and kids, but I still loves me some EarthBound!

Y'ALL LIVE. Dat's good.

Woah! Carp is back and not incognito this time. Welcome back and congratulations on being member #3! I am sure this could grow to at least 10 people.

Hey everyone! That guy formerly known as JapanMan reporting in.

I forget what sections I used to maintain here...

I can't believe you guys brought the website back. When is the next IRC meeting?

@SuperMcRad I am drawing a blank. You definitely did a ton of stuff here, but I can't remember anything. I am old. I want to say you did polls at one time, but I am not sure if that's true.

@Koop Well after working on it on and off for 10 years, we had to at least put it out there. Can't we all admit that the internet used to be more fun anyway?

I need to research what IRC servers are around and figure out how to connect over Android decently. Probably focus on the forum and social media for now. Hard to believe we'd all be able to configure a meeting time where we'd all be available haha

It was Mike, it was. I hope everyone has been super well over all these years.

My goodness I never thought I'd see the day.

This is Ness. Somehow I got away with this username several years after the site's creation. You may also remember me as Fobby Freak, Tanooki Mario, Raccoon Mario, Applekidrocks, and AppleNess.

I have to say, it brings me joy we are back and at it.

Chrispy's back....back again...

Hey everyone....I can't believe how long it's been. Back in 2000 and 2001, I was a regular at Starmen.Net, at one point I was the right-hand man at EarthBound.Net, and then I took over EBVortex.Net, which became EBVortex.com and then simply VortexGaming. Has it been nearly 20 years? Mind blowing.

I always thought this was one of the best Earthbound sites in the community...great to see you guys bringing it back!

hey everyone! i was ten years old when i was on this site before (god help me). 14 years later and earthbound is still my favorite game of all time. happy to see this back up! earthbound has certainly gained popularity over the years as the game has become more accessible, but there is something about kickin' it with the OG's, even if i was just a rugrat back in the day.

@Ness I've always considered you one of our biggest fans. I didn't realize you were also like half of the fanbase!

@Chrispy I think we first met from EB.net back in 2001. I got involved with that a bit too. I modded a board on the forums until that version disappeared. Glad to see you are joining us in reliving the glory days! P.S. I am still waiting for the 3D virtual chat...

@rowdymouse Wow. It sounds like you came right near the end of our first life. I am glad we made an impression and you came back. I am also glad to know you are older than 13 this time! We are trying to be more legit this time.

Hey guys, it's me, flippo, previously known as flyinghippo. I've missed having an Earthbound-centered fan community, and I'm so excited to see this one come back. Seeing all of you here makes me really happy, and it's kinda surreal since I'm about twice the age I was when I was most active on EBIPM and Starmen.net (I'm 26 now, if you can believe it). My point is, let's party.

Oh, also, I don't use Facebook too much any more, but if anyone wants to get a hold of me, I'm always around on Discord. flippo#8399, flyingflippo on Twitter

@Carparama It's so good to see you around. I hope you've been well.
@Leeman When do I get my badge for listing video games that exist or whatever it was

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System don't @ me

Hi everyone! This is Andrea, fka lunachick5000. I was pretty young for the first lifetime of this group. Now I’m 28, and only marginally more mature. Looking forward to the next gen edition of forums ‘n friendship!

Mike, I think I did polls and moderated a couple forums (like they needed moderation outside of Viagra spam accounts).

Haha. Someone had to remove those Viagra ads. We didn't have all of the automation of today. I appreciate your work in that area.

Also I had to check the archives because I couldn't believe you only did polls for being on the staff for almost the entire original run. I can confirm at different points you also did poems, links, and radio. Also it seems at one point in the early days we had JMRC as one of the main site's features, so maybe we can count that too.

How was that a main feature? Haha!

It was probably some combination of the following:

  1. The novelty of posting stuff on the internet for the whole world to see hadn't worn off yet.
  2. We were short on content due to that disgruntled former staffer / child that deleted the entire site from our first year of existence.
  3. I didn't run a tight enough ship.

Japanman was awesome.

Flippo, I'm so happy to see you're still around.

Also, there is zero chance I'm coming back to IRC with how busy I am, but y'all need to start a Discord. It's so easy.

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